Anette Scopetta


Deputy-Director of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

Dr. Anette Scoppetta is Deputy-Director of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna. Her expertise comprises labour market and social policies and, in more detail, social inclusion, precarious work, undeclared work, platform work, social change processes, employment partnerships, social dialogue, social innovation and regional economic development. As senior researcher Anette has led and contributed to many Austrian and European projects, especially supporting EU-level policy making in employment. She, for instance, currently is lead thematic of the Community of Practice “Employment, Education and Skills” / European Social Fund-ESF Transnational Cooperation Platform on behalf of the European Commission/DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion. Anette holds a doctorate in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Anette runs several training courses and lectures at Universities.

Selected projects:

  • European Community of Practice on Partnership (ECoPP; 2021/10-2022/12)

  • CoP Employment, Education and Skills: lead thematic expert to the ESF Transnational Cooperation Platform (ICF on behalf of DG Empl; 6/2020-6/2022)

  • Peer reviews and other mutual learning processes in the fields of employment, social affairs and inclusion (FWC by the EC/DG Empl under the lead of ICF; December 2016 - 2020)

  • “Better Regulation Guidelines” (Multiple Framework Contract for the EC/DG Empl for provision of services related to the implementation of Better Regulation Guidelines under the lead of ICF; VT/2016/027; August 2017 – December 2020): Study supporting the 2020 Evaluation of the support to promoting social inclusion, combating poverty and any discrimination by the European Social Fund (TO 9)

  • ESF-Transnational Platform: Employment Thematic Network 2020 Plus (DG Employment on behalf of ICF; 2020-2021)

Selected publications:

  • European Commission (2021). The power of PES partnerships. PES Network Stakeholder conference 20-21-22 April 2021. Conference paper written by Eamonn Davern, Anette Scoppetta and Alexander Nunn. Available at eventsId=1812&langId=en (6 August 2021).

  • Stott, L. & Scoppetta, A. (2020): Partnerships for the Goals: Beyond SDG 17. Revista DIECISIETE. 2020. Nº2. Madrid. ISSN 2695-4427 Versión digital (pp. 29-38). DOI:10.36852/2695-4427_2020_02.02.

  • Scoppetta, A. & Stott, L. (2020): Unleashing transformation through partnerships – The lost potential of SDG 17. Policy Brief 2020/3. Vienna: European Centre.

  • Scoppetta, A. (2019): Network collaboration: the case of the Employment Thematic Network. In: Lessons learnt from transnational cooperation. European Commission/ESF Transnational Platform (eds.). Brussels: ESF Transnational Platform.

  • Scoppetta, A. (2015): Linking regional level partnership practice within the EU with theories of justice: The case of the Austrian Territorial Employment Pacts. Doctoral thesis at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna